The cozy sauna are produced from renewable best quality Northern European Pines, which are being selected by the most modern log X-ray and automa grading technolog y. Pine wood is accurately sawn, dried and graded according to wood features. The thickness of the wall is 46 mm.
Pinewood is:
• light with regular texture, ensuring good thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate;
• flexible to use;
• suitable for painting, therefore smooth coverage of the wood preserver and color is guaranteed;
• dense with its own natural resins which protect it against rot and therefore more durable than spruce.

We pay attention to all details:

Sauna floor is made from the highest quality pinewood panels either of 18 mm thickness and is firm and even, providing a stable base.
Sauna has double glazed windows, which ensure minimal heat loss to the outside. Windows are hermetic and durable.
Bitumen roof shingles ensure the highest quality roofing:
• Durable commercial grade
• Hermetic
• Flame retardant
• Protects against the suns UV rays
• Minimizes heat loss
• Impervious to rain, snow and hail stones
• Resistant to wind, frost and moisture
• Resistant to temperature fluctuation
• Maintains long-lasting color
• Insulates from rain and hail stone noise
• Resistant to mold, moss and fungal growth