Birch whisk

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The Rento Dried Birch Sauna Whisks or Vihta/Vasta as they are known in Finnish, are an excellent traditional way of cleansing the skin in the sauna.


Birch is known for it’s healing properties and notably the leaves of birch contain the ideal blend of saponins and tannins to create a healthy natural ‘soap’. Simply re-hydrate the freeze-dried vihta in some warm fresh water within the green netting for 15 minutes. Then remove the vihta from the net and it will be ready for use. Gently whip yourself with the vihta during the sauna for proper cleansing. Using a Birch sauna whisk is an ancient hygiene tradition and is highly regarded throughout Finland. Using the Vihta is particularly noted for creating an incomparable clean feeling following a sauna, especially when sauna bathing and whisking is combined with a cold plunge. Using a vihta that is regularly dipped into cold water will provide cool, refreshing relief during the sauna bath. A Vihta can be used once or twice after which they should be disposed of or composted. The item is a single packaged vihta, not a three pack. The three pictured in the main product photo are for display purposes only. Some Finn’s like to soften the re-hydrated leaves on the hot sauna stones, then soak it again in cold water. Caution should be taken with this approach to avoid burning or scalding, as well as dried leaves reaching the firebox or heating elements.

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Soak the whisks before going to the sauna. Remove the packaging but leave the netting around the whisk. Immerse it first in lukewarm water for 20 to 25 minutes. Carefully loosen the netting and let the whisk sit in warm (not hot) water for another 5 to 10 minutes. Put fresh water in the sauna bucket for the whisk. The warm water that has been infused with its branches works well for sauna steam and gives the sauna a pleasant scent. You can start to use the whisk when your skin has warmed up nicely – gently whisk yourself or your fellow sauna goers. After the sauna, lightly rinse the whisk and let it hang in a cool, dry place. You can reuse it following the same instructions.


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